Tuesday 16 February 2010

post three hundred ninety-five

{what a cute cloth bum!}

When I hit 400 posts, I'm going to do a little give away (yes, I will post international), and have a little re-vamp of my blog. Stay tuned, and keep a count-up!

But this isn't just a gratuitous build-my-post-count sort of post, I actually have a purpose for posting. I just wanted to update my intentions for this year, and say that we are starting to transition the little boy to cloth nappies! It's a slow transition (cause money is tight, now that we're working for ourselves, and I want to support work-at-home-mums) and we discovered the hard way (via a bright red bum!) that the little boy's skin is super-sensitive to suede-cloth, which is used in a lot of nappies as the draw-moisture-away-from-the-skin cover, so our stash of seven nappies has dwindled to four ~lol~ But the upside is I get to shop for some funky boy print materials (and build my stash to finally make him his first quilt, as well as make his bum look super-cute!)

And if you're a Simple Mom reader, then you know about the launch of Simple Living Media, if not, go check out Simple Organic, they're doing a series on green living.

{I had forgotten about my other intentions - I haven't been creating one new recipe each week, or moving my backside in a walk each week, and my scrapping/creating time has been very limited}

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