Monday 21 June 2010

{53 Mondays} #24 creating with fabric and paper

I enjoyed my playing time this week, although I wasn't sure I was actually going to get anything done. I have a {VERY BAD} habit of getting sucked into the computer, and then letting that keep me pinned there all day. On Friday I just said "to hell with it", and with the computer still turned on, but not calling my name, I sewed together four quilt tops (the fabric was pre-cut and waiting to be sewn)

The two girl quilts at the back are for gifts, not sure what I'm doing 
with the boy ones at the front, but I might keep one for Riley.

I finally covered the folder for week one of  SYS: Summer
{daisy bucket papers}

and a planner for week one
{daisy bucket papers}

and the most awesomest idea - holiday passports!
{Chloe's, shown here, uses October Afternoon papers}

Do I need to say "I signed up"?

I'm also {slowly} plodding along with my 52 Pick Up deck, having only created 3 cards so far
(I'm finding it a bit slow at the moment - nothing new makes me WANT to rush and make the card, just a reminder of stuff I know but may have forgotten about)

I also signed up for another BPS class yesterday - permission to live a creative life - 
but can't find the info on site to share with you.
{don't forget for a 10% discount to click on the link at paperclipping/bigpicture}


  1. Yes, I signed up too. I like the sound of that BPS one as well, and I'm also tempted by Camp Scrap.

    Your quilts are looking great:)

  2. Wow, you have been very productive! I'm still trying to recover from moving our daughter this past weekend. Now my house needs some serious attention. Glad you got so much done though - LOVE the quilt fabrics!!!


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