Tuesday 15 June 2010

playing with photoshop

Do you post-process photos? I never have (mostly because I had never taken the time to play with photosho before), but I'm enjoying exploring the options available for post-processing.

I have no idea why she has to do this pose all the time, but now I have a record of it.

Which one do you like best?
I like them all, but I think soft and faded or lovely and etheral are best for this photo.


  1. Love PW actions. I think soft and faded but it also depends on what kind of mood you are going for.

  2. Soft & faded is my favourite. I use Picasa on my PC and I also use Picnik.com to add frames or 'stickers'. Lastnight I used Picnik to add a postage-stamp frame round a photo which I then printed out ...... then spent a long time cutting it out lol!!

  3. I think I too also prefer the soft and fafed makes it more gentile and pretty x

  4. I do in terms of lightening, sharpening, colour boosting and using levels or curves .... I don't use actions very often, it really depends on what I want to do with the photo - when I scrap I prefer as close to natural as possible. Having said that I really like PW's seventies action, most photos respond well to this one and it doesn't seem to need much tweaking along the way unlike other actions.

  5. Hi Cate,
    I vote PW's seventies action...too cute.
    I, too, enjoy Photoshop, have CS4 now and am still in a big learning curve. I am not a great photographer and so am very thankful to have photo editing help : )
    Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to being classmate. I luv Claudine's style.


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