Sunday 11 July 2010

at ten months

{I'll replace this photo in your album, this is the best I've got today}
you still only have four teeth
you like sucking chicken bones and lamb shanks
yoghurt and white tim tams are also good
always full of smiles when dad gets home
you enjoy quiet days without kids at home
you eat far too much cat kibble
you managed to crawl on your knees last week, and scared yourself
{you commando crawl very quickly}
you still have lots of cradle cap, we're working on getting rid of it
teething upsets your sleep routine, but we're slowly sorting it out
you always have smiles for strangers, but you might not go to them
you've started lifting your arms when you want to be picked up
you would rather stand than sit, but can't get back down



  1. What an adorable picture, Cate! :o) He looks so big sitting up like that.

    Where's his froggy?

  2. That's a lovely photo Cate.

  3. Such a cutie. My youngest will be ten months on the 17th. He's just learnt to crawl.


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