Friday 25 February 2011

5 {random thoughts} on Friday

  • why are school photos taken at the start of the year? Chloe's were taken in week 2! Douglas has his next week, and Natalie's are in two weeks... I must check whether I purchased Cathy Zielske's school album kit, and if not get it and get printing! I have done nothing with Chloe's or Douglas' photos, I'd like to have a jump start when Nat starts school next year.
  • Ella Publishing rocks! I own most of their ebooks, and have actually read the ones I have printed (I've bought the latest three, but haven't printed them yet - I much prefer to read a document in my hand than the computer screen). Yesterday I got an email with a discount code for the double page designs book. Always on the hunt for a bargain, I jumped on it, and purchased the personal heritage book at the same time. It wasn't until I was saving the file that I discovered I So I sent an email telling them how much of a dork I am, and they refunded my money, and gave me a discount code for being such a loyal customer!
  • been thinking about friends and family lately. More specifically, the lack of friends, and family that don't want anything to do with us. Trying not to take it personally, but it feels very personal.
  • I think I have solved the overwhelming-google-reader-problem. I sorted fifty blogs into a favourites folder, and they're the only ones I read. Sometimes, if I still want to sit and read some more, I'll dip into one of the other folders, usually I just hit "mark all as read"
  • I'm still trying to get myself into a better routine and be better organised... maybe I'm overthinking it, and trying to juggle too many things... I've got a new idea for menu planning that I'm hoping will make evening meals interesting again.

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  1. As always, when you do one of these - a very interesting read :)


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