Monday 23 May 2011

an idea becomes reality

I love places like pinterest and facebook. They become a great way to waste time, clicking on links, gathering ideas, but also enabling procrastination to creep in, and overwhelm to take over. It can become impossible to find a clear path through the huge numbers of ideas, but sometimes an idea is spotted, and it can snag onto a corner of your mind, irritating and rubbing and making itself known, until finally you have no choice but to follow the lead, and see where it takes you. I had just this problem when I saw this idea via pinterest last week.

{photo taken in crappy natural light}

{photo taken with flash, to show the colour}

So I spent some time on Friday painting some old canvases, then utilising some thickers and painting again. These will hang in my craft room, when I can find some nails that don't fall apart when I hit them.

Do you follow the niggly thread of inspiration?


  1. So much nicer when you make it yourself too. Don't forget to take another photo when you've sorted out the nail problem.

  2. I just got an invite to Pinterest last week, but I've on;y pinned 2 things - I keep forgetting about it!

  3. I love this idea ... and somewhere up in the loft are two old small canvases we took down from the wall of our daughter's bedroom a while ago ....


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