Sunday 26 June 2011

christmas | half way there

Yesterday was 6 months until Christmas 2011. Today is 182 sleeps (half of 364, which isn't quite 365, but we can't count 182.5 sleeps) until Christmas.

I've put together my Christmas binder for this year. I've used Christmas Wishes & Whimsy, which was free with purchase from Jessica Sprague last November, to create dividers, and used the printables from Life...Your Way.

I'm thinking about card designs.

and thinking about interesting things

and interesting wrapping ideas

and fun gift ideas

But most of all, I'm wondering if you want to have some Christmas fun with me? From September 16th I want to run a "100 days until Christmas" blog series, and I need guest posts. I'm looking for posts about anything - family traditions, cleaning house, shopping, ideas for photos to take, craft ideas, gift ideas, the history of a holiday, handmade Christmas, layout ideas, journaling ideas, menu ideas, celebrations around the world, celebrations unique to your part of the world, baking ideas, anything and everything to do with the holiday season for you. You can write a weekly series, or share about different topics, anything your heart desires.

Email your idea{s} by July 10th to purplecrazymum{at} with "100 days to Christmas" in the subject line, please, and I'll be in touch.


  1. what a great idea....both the journal and the 100 posts. Will defintely have a think!
    Can't believe we are halfway though the year already though!

  2. WTG Cate!!!
    I got my christmas planner together a couple of weeks ago so I could get myself organised.
    I'm trying to do a handmade christmas (well mostly) this year so needed to get ready as early as possible.
    I;m also doing an activity advent this year too so tryingto get sorted for that

  3. Cool idea! I'm off on my summer holiday soon, so after I get back I'll have a think.

  4. I adore this idea. I'll be glued to your blog :)

  5. Great idea - I start planning for Christmas around mid-August so this is right up my ally.

  6. This is a fab idea:) I'll be sure to come back and look for ideas in September.

  7. Gosh, a bit keen, aren't you? You're certainly making an early start this year... I try to avoid Christmas until much nearer the time.
    However, I have sent you an e-mail with an idea - since you are obviously working hard at this already (puts me to shame...)!

  8. This sounds like a great idea.

  9. popped across from Sians blog, fantastic idea xx

  10. ROFLOL!!! I ADORE the spoons! Awesome!


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