Friday 5 August 2011

5 {goals for August} on friday

  1. Now that week in the life is over I need to print photos. I realised last night that I can't just send them all to the printers at once, because then I won't know which photos are for which day, so I'm going to print one day's worth of photos at a time, a couple of times a week. That will also give me a chance to get each day's photos into the album before moving on to the next day. Aim for completion by end August.
  2. I got a new computer two weeks ago (which has been on the cards for over a year, but I kept putting it off), which has seen me throw Finding Photo Freedom out the window. Because I have to start again with putting all my photos into the PSE Organizer (but I also upgraded to PSE 9, which I'm hoping isn't as glitchy as PSE 6 was becoming with over 10,000 items in it) So I'm going to upload 1 year's worth of photos, tag and star and purge and print.
  3. Soul Restoration 1 and Explore are the current classes I'm taking. I really want to dive into both of them, but I'm really struggling to get the time to create for myself. But that's a whole new post for another day. Keep up with SR1 videos, and read all notes from Explore.
  4. We're off camping again at the end of this month. This time we're taking my brother and his kids. Hopefully, with some clear rules and jobs for everyone, I can have a nice break, too! Decide rules and jobs for everyone.
  5. I'm counting down to 100 days of Christmas. This month I need to finalise my editorial calendar, send some emails about guest posts, and ask if there's anyone else who would like to write a guest post for me?! If you're interested, check out the link above.


  1. Good luck with your goals in August. I've given up on organising my photos except for putting them into dated folders.

  2. I am overwhelmed by PSE9 but it is my first PS. I got it for Christmas and planned to learn it this summer...not happening. I thought about taking a class at the local community college but a friend that know PSE took it and said the instructor is way too technical. I have finally found a way to learn online from someone that speaks my kind of language. LMK if you have it great resources :) Oh and I think #4 is of the highest priority!

  3. I like that you've got these goals recorded. I can totally relate with the FPF & the computer, so glad you've set a realistic goal to get you going again!

  4. I love the sentiment at the top of this post!
    We'll be tracking you to see how you get on with those goals....

  5. Sounds like you're going to be busy!
    Alison xx


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