Friday 26 August 2011

5 {things I know} on Friday

{blogger in draft is glitching, I can't link to anything except my dashboard!}

fresh sheets are lovely to sleep on

pretty toenails will make for a great scrapping layout

he CAN ride his bike, despite the frustrated yelling

she has been practising inside, and was undaunted by the road, even after a small tumble

and sometimes she can forget that she's a moody teenager, and just have fun

What do you know today?


  1. I know that I need to bite the bullet and take the time with my 8 yo to teach him to ride a bike without training wheels. Not looking forward to it...

  2. Great photos! Love the bright toenails <3

  3. Gorgeous nails!
    I'm leaving the bike training to Daddy, I'm not patient enough ;)

  4. I really like the toenails & it looks like the kids are all having fun!

  5. Those are great action shots!

  6. I know that I appreciate blog frienda that leave comments of comforting thoughts. I do love sleeping on clean sheets :)

  7. how do you take these photos without me noticing???


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