Friday 28 October 2011

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I have completely lost track of my 100 Days to Christmas project. I'll be back on track for November, but it might be a bit sketchy between now and then.

These were not the best shoe choice for Melbourne's wet weather.

Squeezing twenty years into five hours at the zoo wasn't possible.

But our little ones did okay.
{Emma took hold of Riley's hand, saying "let's hold hands"}

My mum grew up in this house. My grandma has lived here for almost 60 years.
But this might have been the last time I visit her there.
I took lots of photos, of the roses, the shed, grandad's greenhouse, the photos on the wall inside.

Class started almost two weeks ago, but this is one that I want to dive into today!
{I'm clearing my desk, printing the handouts, and cloing the door when Steve gets home!}

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  1. There is so much to see at the zoo isn't there? I almost think it is impossible to cover it all with little ones in tow.

  2. Hope you get some time to join the party...and I think you've done incredibly well so far with '100 days of Christmas'! Am just about to write my post for next week
    Alison xx

  3. We're lucky to be members of melbourne zoo so we see it a few hours at a time-there is so much to see!


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