Friday 25 November 2011

100 days to Christmas | the birthday card club

I've been working on my cards on and off this week.

I say on and off, because I decided that I wasn't interested in creating any of the cards from this post. Instead I took inspiration from somewhere else (which I'll share when the cards are done and well on their way to new homes), so had to buy a new stamp.

But while I was working on this pile of cards (the most labour-instensive card of my Christmas-card-making career), I had a thought. I go to a lot of trouble every year to send Christmas cards to friends and family around the world, but in our house birthdays are more important, and I never remember them!

So, I thought, why not start a birthday card club for 2012? And I'm inviting you to join me. My thought is to send a card (handmade or store-bought, your choice, no guilt) to everyone on the list in time for their birthday. For example, if ten people sign up, then nine people will send cards to each birthday recipient.

If you think the idea of getting cards from all over the world celebrating your birthday sounds like fun, please email purplecrazymum{at} with your postal address and birth date (year is optional). This will be an international swap, please only join in if you are willing to post overseas. Sign ups will close on Christmas Day, and I'll email the birthday card list for January-June by New Years Day so those cards can start swapping.

Are birthday cards as much fun to recieve as Christmas cards?


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