Thursday 10 November 2011

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Part of the reason that I'm finding myself being able to almost-keep-up with posting every day is because I spend chunks of time writing and scheduling blog posts. I keep having ideas for new posts while I'm doing that, but I haven't got good about writing those ideas down, so I thought today I'd share a list of the ideas that are rumbling around in my head in the hopes that I can clarify and actually write the posts!

1 - I'm thinking about starting a monthly linky party called "see it, pin it, make it" I pin so much stuff with the best of intentions and inspiration, now I need to make myself DO something.

2 - my one little word for 2012 is already rasing it's head, so I'm working on a post to explain how I came to it, and what I hope it will mean for my 2012

3 - sunday scrapping is going to become a weekly feature. In 2010 I called it 53 Mondays and shared my creating, in 2012 I want Sundays to be specifically for scrapping. I need to flex those muscles again.

4 - I have signed up for Reclaiming My Time and Move More Eat Well 2012. Karen inspires me with her words and ability to fit so much in to her day, and I'm hoping that working alongside Cathy for a year will give me a boost of motivation that I haven't had this year. Expect at least one post on each class before Christmas.

5 - scouting has suddenly become a big part of my life. I want to share how it came about, and what my plans are for remembering this time in my life.

6 - I love Lee's thoughtful and thought-provoking posts, and I'm really enjoying her new series, hello Monday. I think it's a great way to celebrate the start of each week.

7 - more Christmas posts. At the moment I'm thinking about the music we play, the movies we watch, and just recently the books we read at Christmas time. There's also more baking, photo ideas, and I'd love to have some Christmas giveaways, but I'm still thinking about that. (my shy-even-online-self can't quite bring myself to email anybody and ask if I can give away something, although I'd love to giveaway a JYC class and 12 Days of Christmas from BPC)

8 - Douglas has his very first double digit birthday fast approaching. His big brothers are coming for a visit, so there's bound to be a birthday and brothers post.

9 - Beverly came up with a great idea for 11/11/11, so I've been busy putting my post together.

10 - one last list of 10 things for 2011


  1. So glad you're enjoying my posts - and Hello Monday was a wonderful find. I'm enjoying them. I'll see you through MMEW and I'm going to start my 10 things lists in January. Lots of things to consider. My word is slowly revealing itself and I'm excited for this next chapter :) I look forward to your journey as well!

  2. Interesting combination of things. :) I like your post.

  3. You inspire me~what a great list!!!

  4. What a great idea for your tens post! I am also signed up for Reclaiming Your Time and am planning to sign up for Cathy's class as well. I've got my post ready for the 11-11-11 event also.


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