Wednesday 7 March 2012

natalie | today you are five

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

You like school, although it's taking a bit to get over the separation anxiety
You refuse to sleep in your own bedroom, despite all the bribes discussion in the world
You've outgrown all your clothes over summer, but love the twirly skirts mum makes for you.
You've picked chocolate cakes to share with your friends at school today, although banana choc chip muffins were a close second
You still love the crowns mum makes every year.
You're a great big sister, an annoying little sister, and a fantastic daughter.


  1. Hope your Natalie has a great day..happy Birthday to the crown too!
    Alison xx

    1. thank you, ALison! I'll show her your comment when she gets home from school, she'll love it!

  2. Great pictures. Happy Birthday Natalie, have a great day :) x

  3. Happy Birthday Natalie - your birthday may be over where you live, but it's still going strong over here!

  4. Happy birthday to your sweet Natalie, Cate! I love when you do these posts telling about your children and what they are like at this point in their lives. A true keepsake for them that I hope you will preserve somehow for future reference.


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