Tuesday 10 April 2012

10 things on my mind

1 - I'm heading off to my first scrapbooking retreat at the end of the month. Is it too early to pack my bag?
2 - Facebook has bought instagram. Will that change how people use instagram?
3 - I have to finalise my cub scout and Joey scout term program this week. Will it be fun for them?
4 - I've been working through online training for scouts today. Learnt that some very old-fashioned, and in my opinion revolting, ideas that guide the principals of scouting.
5 - I'm still trying to work out creative practice. I started writing morning pages this morning.
6 - There is no perfect way to keep my head organised. But using a clipboard and binders/notebooks is working so far.
7 - When I can afford an iPad for myself, I'm going with 3G enabled. For those random waiting-for-children moments.
8 - Speaking of iPads, I finally figured out how to put PDFs on it without emailing them to kindle. And it's all kinds of awesome, being able to read documents on the iPad, although I still need a notepad nearby for random notes.
9 - I'm still working on a nice blogging rhythm and schedule. For now, three times a week is working, and any random moments in between.
10 - to read more 10 things posts, check out Shimelle's blog. I'll be reading and commenting tomorrow, cause it's getting late today.

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  1. I'm heading to a scrapbook retreat in mid-May - I've already started a small pile of items/projects I want to work on then, so I guess it's ok for you to start packing your bag too. LOL

  2. Certainly not too early to start packing that bag!
    And I too need to write things down if I am ever to get myself organised.

  3. I agree with Melissa and Deb..start packing!
    Alison xx

  4. I think you need lots of time with the packing so you can repack a few times ;)

  5. It's never to early for me to pack my scrap bag, because I inevitably forget something vital anyway!


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