Wednesday 4 April 2012

Easter in Autumn

It didn't occur to me until I saw Beverly's post that my Easters of now are so different to the Easters of my childhood (I grew up not far from where Amy lives now)

When I was a child, Easter (and school holidays) meant mum and dad worked at the Home Show (which now seems to be broken into two shows - the Herald Sun Home Show, and the HIA Home Show. It was ten days of shows in the "old days").

The weather could be cold and wet, or sunny and hot, or sunny and wet, or any combination of these. Leaves turned brown and dropped off, shedding coats to sleep through the cold. Daylight savings had ended, and days were shorter, waking up in the dark, getting home in the dark.

In Queensland, Autumn means cooler weather, not less sun. Autumn means rain and green growth, and some trees shedding their coats. The end of the summer storm season can be ferocious, damaging trees and buildings, or constant, day after day of interminable rains. But the constant these days is sunshine and green.

A new location to explore today
What does Easter weather look like for you?


  1. Today it meant snow, but it quickly turned to rain. No it's snowing on the daffodils again but not sticking.

  2. Well, today there is sun but supposed to be rain later. It is hard to tell if our spring will continue over the weekend or if we will be getting some of the snow England has been getting...obviously hoping for the former lol

  3. Very mixed. Some years it snows, some years shorts are pulled from the wardrobe in delight. Lovely photo today!

  4. Today we have much-needed rain, but it's supposed to be warm and sunny again, by the weekend
    Alison xx


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