Wednesday 30 May 2012

Plagiarism and the Internet

When I was studying at uni in the days BS (before Steve), I was taught that plagiarism was an absolute no-no. The Internet was used for research purposes and that was about it. But I've heard that these days, with electronic submission of essays, it's easy to check if work has been plagiarised, with lots of sites around to write the paper for you.

But, what about content that is going straight onto a website for the general public to use? I certainly would never have expect to encounter a plagiarised recipe last week, but that's exactly what happened.

Maybe I'm being naive. Because I don't create in a vacuum, I regularly copy other people's tutorials when I'm crafting. But a recipe. On a big Australian website. That is cited as being created specifically for that website by somebody. And then, when I had a problem with the recipe I went looking for something else to bake and stumbled on the exact. same. recipe. on a different, major Australian website. And the copied recipe isn't even right!

And, after all that, the kids didn't like the slice I baked. Back to the drawing board tomorrow.

{I haven't shared any links, although I really want to. Would you bring the plagiarism to the attention of the website in question?}


  1. I would ;-) If I was the original creator, I would want to know ;-)

  2. I would bring it to the attention of the website in question :)

  3. I think a note to point out the plagiarism wouldn't hurt & might help the original website be more proactive in protecting its content.

  4. I would want to know. Point it out. :) Rachel


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