Thursday 10 July 2014

advice for new and old bloggers

Dear new bloggers

You need to write! Create content before you start worrying about stats. Build a community on facebook or instagram or twitter (or all 3 if you want), and get them engaging with you (blog comments aren't the only mark of an engaged community these days)

If you're blogging just to make money, stop now, save yourself the heartache. Because blogging is not the quick-fix answer. The bloggers you see talking about making money have been slogging away for years, building their communities, writing engaging content. And they started by not making money, but working their contacts and accepting "product for review" (not all, but some)

Find your authentic voice, that spot that captures you in your words. And forget the stats!

signed, an old blogger

Dear old bloggers

Want to try writing about something new? Maybe you can get that old spark and enthusiasm back, and reignite your passion for your blog. And don't worry about the lack of comments, in this social media age, everyone is "busy", but we are reading your posts!

We love that you share your knowledge with us, even if sometimes we forget to say thank you. But you're the first person we ask for help when we're lost, because you rock!

Write a guest post for us, lets get you up and humming again.

signed, new bloggers

inspired by this post from Melissa Ford on BlogHer


  1. I love this post, Cate! I am taking a break from blogging during July for some personal reasons - some that you have touched on here. I'm giving a lot of thought to the future of my blog as I am enjoying my break more than I thought I might! I really do love the posts you've been publishing lately, even though I don't always take time to comment. xo

  2. Great post Cate - I'm still blogging away & enjoying it. That's the number one thing for me - when it stops being FUN, I'll move on to something else.

  3. Yes! Write for the love of it before worrying about stats. Great post :)

  4. Loved this post, so I'm saying thank you. X

  5. Too true. I spend too much time tweaking the look of my blog, when I should just be writing!

  6. Great post, Cat! I write because I love it and not for the stats. But it is nice to know that someone other than my mum is reading what I write! Some things to remember here for sure. Thank you!

  7. "Create content before you start worrying about stats" - this is so true for bloggers old, new or in between I think. I remember blogging in the old days when it was fun and if stats existed no-one knew how to find them - not sure that we've actually progressed since then.

  8. Spot on Cate! When all else fails, write. Everything else will come when it should.

  9. Great post Cate!! I will be honest here I write/blog because I love it! I have not checked my so called stats for about say 10 months maybe more.. I write when I want to and have something to say . if I have nothing I write nothing pretty simple hey lol :-)

  10. So true, it's all about the writing. It's so easy to get caught up with stats :) Also, would love to guest post for you if you're taking posters!

  11. I think I need to switch off analytics every now and then, it really does mess with my head which in turn messes with my creativity.

  12. Write whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want. The rest will come :)

  13. I love this Cate!
    Just do what you love the rest will come... that's why my blog is all over the place, I just create stuff I like... thanks for the post!


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