Friday 11 July 2014

5 tips to rock your pinterest profile

I love pinterest! I have spent long hours on the couch, browsing pinterest while feeding Sophie in the last year, so I decided to share the things I look for when deciding to follow someone on pinterest.

  1. fill out your profile! And don't be cute, I just want to know if you blog, and what you're interested in.
  2. arrange your boards. I checked out a profile yesterday that had boards without pins in the top row! Doesn't make me want to explore your boards further. 
  3. leave the group boards down the bottom! Another profile I checked out yesterday was about 50 group boards, and only 3 personal boards. I want to learn more about you, I can't do that if you don't pin anything personal.
  4. browse the boards of people who pin you. You never know what interesting boards or pins you will find.
  5. I rarely follow every board from one person. But I'm more tempted to look if you follow all my boards. (did you know, if you follow all, then go through and unfollow boards you're not interested in, the person will never know)
Do you have any great tips to rock my pinterest profile?


  1. Also add keywords to boards and pins. I often use pinterest like a search engine so I am more likely to follow a board with a basic name like "sewing tutorials" rather than some whimsical name that I'll never find in a search.

  2. Make sure your pins lead to the original source not to other pins of the same thing or even worse dead links!

  3. I follow you on Pinterest, you are great a Pinterest! I was on pinterest all the time when I was nursing my baby.

  4. I have never really got to grips with Pinterest but your tips look nicely concrete and specific.bookmarking :).


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