Tuesday 15 July 2014

weddings and roadtrips

My sister is getting married on Saturday.

We're going slightly insane here, because we are driving to Airlie Beach.

Driving, with 4 kids who have never done a long road trip

Including 1 baby, who cries if the trip is longer than 30 minutes

The trip is 12 hours

Insane, I tell you

It's 9.30am on Tuesday morning, we are leaving in 24hrs

And I am sitting at the computer, writing blog posts

Because it's more fun than the pile of packing that is waiting for me

{or the housework that I'm avoiding}

I've been looking at statistics this morning, marriage and divorce statistics

Our marriage rate is lower now, per 1000 head of population, than it was 20 years ago

And 60% of females granted a divorce in 2012 were aged under 44

It's kind of eye opening

{and a totally weird thing to be doing}

I'm procrastinating. Now I'm going to start my busy day.


  1. Totally get the procastining thing when your to do list is overwhelming. I do it too!

    And yes, looking at marriage and divorce statistics is a little strange since your sister is getting married this weekend :P

    Good luck with the drive. And take care, the stretch of road between Miriam Vale and Mackay isn't pleasant. Hopefully the roadworks are kind to you guys too.

  2. Let's hope the journey is better than you are anticipating. Although I can't begin to imagine 12 hours in a car when my two were little! Hope the wedding goes well, can't wait to see the photos.

  3. I hope the trip goes well. We drove 19 hours for a funeral & have 19 more to get home staring early tomorrow morning! Enjoy the trip & the wedding!

  4. Hoping that the journey is bearable and you all arrive and return safely - and that the wedding, despite the stats, is memorable and happy! Oh, and that there are lots of scrapable photos :).


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