Wednesday 9 July 2014

why I write

When I was a kid, I was going to be a writer. In fact, I wrote, complete with illustrations, a book series called "the veggie gang", who were going to convince the world to eat veggies! In about grade 5 or 6, dad promised if I pulled As in my report card, he would introduce me to a writer.

I pulled my grades up, and true to his word, dad invited Alan Finch (who co-authored a book on our local area history in 1982) to our house one evening. I don't remember much about the evening, except that this strange person was sitting in our lounge, encouraging me to write if that was where my passion really was. But in typical 10-year-old-fashion, I promptly forgot about it in the days afterwards.

I was reminded of that visit when I started high school, and Mr Finch's wife was my English teacher! She made words exciting, even if I have always hated reading books to then discuss them in class.

These days, I write to capture the memories. I write because it helps me sort my thoughts out. I write, because I can.

What am I working on?
I'm going away next week, so I want to get some posts scheduled before then. And I have this crazy idea to build a newsletter. And there's an ebook lurking inside me, wanting to bust out.

I also write over at And Sew We Craft
Why do I write what I do?
Because one of the few things that upsets me most about my childhood is having no photos. And no words to share with my kids. So I need to capture those moments, and those pieces of me, while I still can.

How does my process work?
Since the arrival of Sophie, my process hasn't worked. And I've struggled to find one again. But just last week, I pulled out my journal, and started writing long hand, and wrote 2 blog posts in less than an hour. For now, it works.

How does it differ to others in the same genre?
If I knew what genre I fell into, I could answer better. Am I a lifestyle blogger? A crafty blogger? Or even a creative educator?

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  1. I like this idea to write to capture moments to give to your children. A legacy, if you will. It is a lovely gift. I am saddened that there isn't much physical evidence of my husbands life before me, so I am sure that your writing will be appreciated.

  2. I, too, write to capture our life story, but I also journal/write to think things through and explore things I'm learning.


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