Friday 6 July 2012

5 ways to procrastinate

1 - boil the kettle, walk away and load the washing machine with clothes. Boil the kettle again, then walk away and load the dishwasher. Because it is essential that you have a cup of tea before you sit down and finish the paperwork/read those magazines from last month/plan next terms scouts program.

2 - write your grocery list on a random scrap of paper, a cupboard wall, and with the weeks menu plan. Don't take the lists with you, and fill the cupboards with unnecessary items that won't get eaten.

3 - buy every ebook available on the topic you're researching. Take weeks to read them, then don't refer to them when you finally get around to writing that piece you can't remember the idea you had.

4 - don't buy all the items you need for a super-cool project, then say "I'll do it next week", forgetting that the kids are on school holidays next week.

5 - delegate to the kids. It means that it will never be done, and you can blame them.

Disclaimer - I may or may not have done any or all of these in recent times.


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