Tuesday 18 September 2012

100 days to Christmas | using Evernote to keep organised

I know it probably sounds a little bit redundant, but I've developed a second layer of systems to keep myself organised and on-track - clipping pins to Evernote!!

Here's my reasoning:
  • firstly, I'm away from the computer, actually DOing
  • secondly, searching for ideas on pinterest then opening websites is kind-of clunky
  • thirdly, if I upgrade my Evernote access, I can have access, without internet, to my notebooks
  • fourthly, it gets me DOing I can print from Evernote
Here's how I'm clipping pins:
  • spend hours browsing all those pinboards (as shared in yesterday's post)
  • open the link, just as if you were checking it to link with love
  • clip the article (or the page) using the Evernote clipper (which you are prompted to install when downloading Evernote)
  • move the note to the right notebook (Evernote defaults to the first notebook you setup when signing up)
Do you use Evernote? Would you like a tutorial on getting started with Evernote?

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  1. Yes, I'd love a tutorial! Your post is very timely for me... just earlier today I was thinking "Gosh, how the heck do you get started with Evernote?" I would love few tips! All I do right now is occasionally make a list on it.


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