Thursday 18 October 2012

how do you define | creativity?

Creativity and the creative process is still on my mind. (I've had this post sitting in my drafts folder since May. Because I knew I wanted to write something, I just wasn't sure what until now.)

Susannah Conway, in the Blogging from the Heart course, calls herself a creative personal blogger.  I love Susannah's description, because it makes so much sense to me - personally, I'm a long way from being a "mummy blogger", because I don't actually share that many mum-stories, they're mostly my stories, whether that's kid-related, or craft-related, or rambling-thoughts-related, or even sometimes scrapbooking-related.

And one of the students from the course called me a creative educator. The second I read it, I knew what she meant - happy to share knowledge to help others in their creative pursuits (in this particular instance, blogging)

I've come to realise, over the past months as I dip my toes into exploring creativity and finding meaning, that everything I do involves some element of creativity. And it always has done. The difference now is that I recognise and acknowledge that my creativity isn't solely limited to the act of creating art, that my creativity is in my words, and my baking, and even my teaching, both of my children and my scouts.


  1. I agree with all of this. I do not in any way consider myself artistic, but I am creative. I use words and images on a daily basis to create meaning, when I'm teaching language, blogging, taking photos or scrapbooking or just talking to my family

  2. Great thoughts. For most of my life I considered myself the least creative person in my family - the rest of them quilt & sew & make crafty things. But all that time I was creating lesson plans & educational activities & fun field trips (some for my job as a teacher & some just for fun things to do with my nieces & nephew). Now I, too, see the creativity in numerous areas of life, not just crafting.


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