Friday 5 October 2012

project real life and me

At the end of last year, I had this idea in my head that I wasn't going to sign up for any scrapbooking classes, except for the 4 Experts series at Big Picture Classes. That promise to myself only lasted about five minutes, and I have signed up for a lot of classes this year. [and in typical-Cate-fashion, I have read most of the material, but not actually actioned it. I even lost my way with Move More Eat Well and One Little Word]

click for more information from BPC
But, with all the buzz in the world about project life over the last year (and more - I remember answering a question on two peas about the original school albums!), I couldn't resist signing up for the class.

Now, for some people, the $US99 price tag might be a bit steep. I thought so in the beginning, too. But then I watched the video. And I started following Becky Higgins on facebook, and I realised just how much effort she puts into just stocking the products on Amazon. I figured if she pays that much attention to detail when selling her products, then the class was going to be awesome!

For the first-time-ever I watched the introductory video once I signed up. And I downloaded the supply list. And I started making plans to make this project DO-able.

Class started yesterday.

And I'm on track already.

Videos watched.

Notes taken.

I even purchased some products from the New Zealand supplier, Craft House - if you're in Australia or New Zealand and need something, I highly recommend them, I placed my order on Sunday, and was opening the parcel on Tuesday!

So, I'm going to begin with the end in mind (this week's theme in class), and make this commitment to myself

come January, I am going to have a notebook full of journalling; photos ready for printing, if I haven't printed already; and an album finished to share with the family. It will cover all aspects of our lives during the crazy period from October 1st to December 31st [although I can already see the benefit of continuing over our summer break, but I'm not committing to that yet] through week-at-a-glance pages as a minimum [special events, such as my trip to Melbourne for my reunion, will probably require extra space], sharing words and photos from all members of the family.

For more information on Project Life, check out Becky Higgins' blog.

If Project Real Life sounds like something you might enjoy, and you've never taken a class at Big Picture Classes, use this link, and when you make your first purchase, we'll both get a $10 off voucher. [please note, all prices are in US dollars]

disclaimer - this opinion is purely mine. Becky Higgins doesn't know me from Adam. I'm excited to take this class at Big Picture Classes, and wanted to make a commitment to me, here on my blog.


  1. Hope you enjoy it as much as you hope to!
    Alison xx

  2. I considered the class, but I decided I needed a break this fall. I haven't kept up with MMEW because I wasn't enjoying it, but I still have lots of information in the Twelve class I want to review (& it's ongoing through December). I'll be watching your posts to see how it goes!

  3. Good luck on keeping with it. I was so close to doing this one too, but I then thought about the fact that I haven't done much with my Twelve class in the last 6 months. (Not to mention I am 3 months behind on Project Life.) It sounds wonderful and I will look forward to hearing about your adventure through the class on your blog.


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