Wednesday 24 October 2012

the worst customer service I have ever experienced!

I don't like to use my blog for whining, but I've got an issue that has been going on since January, and I have had enough! It's time I outed them, and they tried to do something!

But, I'm not the first person to have had problems with this company. They're notorious in the scrapbooking world for poor customer service, even though their product is coveted by everyone.

Yes, I'm talking Northridge Publishing. In particular, I subscribed to the Signature Series. Now, I'm not a fan of Teresa Collins or Heidi Swapp, and I didn't even know who Kristin McKay was, but a book from Donna Downey, Liz Kartchener and Kelley Purkey was worth subscribing for the six issues.

But the whole thing has been a disaster. I didn't receive the first book at the end of February, so I contacted Northridge, they apologised and re-sent it. And it arrived in one week.

Then in May I contacted them again. Same response "sorry, it's showing as shipped, we will replace it." I contacted them again at the start of June, and a box arrived some time that month with the two missing magazines, plus another copy of the Teresa Collins issue, and a pile of Cricut magazines. (I was also given access to the digital issues, which I have never used.)

There's even a story attached to the Cricut magazines. Part of the deal I purchased was "choose one of these titles for only $30 for six issues." Which I have never received. And because the order copy only says "six issues of other magazine" I can't even argue that it isn't Cricut magazine I ordered (I can tell you right now, it wasn't. I don't own a cricut, so why would I buy the magazine. Chances are I would have ordered from the Create: series, or Simply Handmade)

This article appeared at Scrapbook Update in September, which is what reminded me that I hadn't seen anything for a while from them. So I sent another email (I'm in Australia, so even though they keep telling me to call, I'm not going to), which never received a response.

On October 4th, I commented on the facebook page that someone needed to contact me because I was sick of chasing them. I even left my email address in a public location.

And today I've advised them again via the facebook page that I've heard from no one.

The problem is that for all this, I have no leg to stand on against them in America, and nothing to support me in Australia. And this isn't the first time, and it won't be the last time that someone gets the shafted by Northridge Publishing. And normally, I'd let it slide, forget about the money I spent. But I love Scrapbook Trends when I can find it, and I hate that Northridge Publishing thinks that this is acceptable behaviour.

So, here's what I want, Northridge Publishing. Either pay back the full amount of money I paid, or send me the magazines I ordered, including the Create: editions.


  1. It sucks when a product you love is RUINED by poor customer service! Hope they resolve this for you, and I hope you paste this on craft forums all over the world ;)

    1. I have been! to n avail, so far, they're all asleep!

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  3. Cate, we sincerely apologize for all the issues you've experienced with receiving your magazines, and understand your frustrations. We want you to know that we value all of our readers, and know that it's because of you that we are in business. We never ignore our readers’ concerns, and always seek to find a solution to issues when they arise. We can honestly say that we do not know why some issues have arrived and others not. You were added to our First Class list, and your books go out with all of our other international readers. We ship to several readers in Australia without this kind of trouble, and it’s very difficult for us to track down where the shipment is going wrong.

    We’ve always reissued additional copies of the magazines, as soon as we’ve received notification that they were not delivered, no questions asked. It really sounds like we need to find a digital solution for you, and compensate you for the print issues you’ve paid for. We understand you have not viewed any of the complimentary digital issues that we’ve added to your account, but hope you’ll find them enjoyable when you choose to.

    Please communicate with our Customer Support team and we’ll get your account adjusted and taken care of, they have already been notified. We appreciate you communicating with us, as we would not have known there was a problem otherwise. Once again, we place great value on each and every reader. We’re sorry we made you feel neglected and that you felt it necessary to publish this, as we have always communicated with you when we have received a complaint.

  4. I can't help but agree with Cate. I still have copies of the emails I sent back and forth to Northridge Publishing about my shipping address. Everytime I get a response from different people, they all say the same that it's fixed but my order still goes to an old address and it's almost to the end of my subscription now. Communicating with Customer Support apparently is useless....


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