Monday 5 November 2012

100 days to Christmas | Christmas self care {guest post}

Christmas is supposed to be a time full of family, community, friends, cheer, good food and drink. Traditionally for many people it is also a season of stress, with good times often tainted by anxiety, frustration and even fighting with family members.
As you go about making lists and shopping, baking, crafting, and preparing for big events do not forget a critical item to add to your lists - self care. If you want to increase your holiday spirit rather than arrive at January 1st utterly spent and depleted take some time to put a holiday self care plan in place.

A misconception about self care is that it is all bubble baths and alone time. That is definitely one person's self care priorities but it may not be yours. Self care really means stopping, thinking about what YOU need and honouring that - without guilt or excessive explanations.

Some ways you can build self care in (the list could be endless as we are unique individuals):

Don't overbook yourself 
How much do you want to do? What activities and gatherings make you feel good, happy and full of the spirit of the season? Feel free to cut out things that bring you down, or will tip you over from happy to cranky. If you get 3 invites for the same Saturday choose one that you will truly enjoy and give it your full attention.

Take power naps if needed (or go to bed super early some nights)
Even if you normally get by with less sleep the holidays can be very draining with the go-go-go pace, entertaining and dealing with the shops! Top up your snooze tank when you have the chance. If you have a late night or two, take it easy for a bit and go to bed after a light dinner.

It is so easy to let this one go as we are busy, possibly on holiday and out of our usual routine. Kids are at home from school as well. Find some way to keep moving - go for an early or late walk, exercise at home with a DVD, go for a swim... Just move some days rather than just focusing on gifts, foods and activities. It will help you on so many levels from mentally to physically to emotionally. If you have guests it might just be the answer to getting some space - excuse yourself and go for a walk or jog.

Plan healthy meals to counter extra indulgences
Part of the fun of the holidays is all those raised glasses of wine and champagne along with treats made by others, big meals and endless offers of dessert! Enjoy it. Just make sure you balance it with some healthy foods you keep on hand for simpler  meals and snacks plus a good dose of fruits and vegetables. Nothing is worse than getting run down or sick over the holidays. Think of this as pre-emptive self care and don't ignore your health.

Take vitamins
This can also act as a little insurance in the over indulgence stakes.

Take time to do things to fill up your tank
What restores you when you need a break? If you are an introvert and struggling with all the socializing make sure you clear some alone time daily if possible. If you like to write or journal find some time for reflection and creativity. If your in laws are staying with you and you don't get along set up some time with a friend to do your shoppe together or meet for a coffee.

Keep it simple
Cut yourself some slack and remember to focus on the spirit of the season. No one will hold it against you if you bake only 1 dessert for Christmas lunch or if you bring items from a bakery to a party instead of preparing things yourself. It is you that people want, not the perfect present, 5 varieties of baked goods or an immaculate house

Deb Dane blogs at Home LifeSimplified about parenting, household management, organising and changing your mindset. Her aim is to inspire people to get in touch with what is important to them and use those values/priorities as the main building blocks of their life – doing whatever is right for them. 



  1. Excellent advice Deb, I love these points! a very timely reminder.

  2. Ooooo, this is a GREAT one! The vitamins are absolutely essential I find. It's such a hard slog to get to the end of the year sometimes, you wear yourself out whether you're partying or not. Great advice Deb.

  3. Thanks for the timely reminder.....I always end up being ill over New Year...maybe I can avoid it this time!
    Alison xx

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies - sorry for my lack of presence as I totally forgot to stop by (crazy time of year or what?)

  5. Great tips! I especially love 'Keep it simple' - something I'm aiming for.


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