Monday 29 July 2013

hello monday

hello, winter illness, too sick for school, well enough to be bored at home

hello, chocolate, sanity saver for mum

hello (and thank you) panadol, for helping ease the headache of a sick girl

hello, change of plans, with all this illness I probably won't be able to attend a new local craft group this week

hello, Monday, and new (and challenging) start to the week


  1. Oh no, that's not a good start to the week. Hope it's a short term thing and that you are able to get to your craft class after all. Kids can be guaranteed to have a knack of choosing a bad time to be poorly!

  2. Not a fun start to the week, glad there was chocolate on hand. Hope you get to make it to the craft group next week if not this.

  3. Oh, so sorry to hear about the poorly girl and you are not probably feeling wonderful either - but hope the chocolate helps. and that you do get to the craft group by hook or by crook!


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