Saturday 28 September 2013

dear sophie

today, you are three months old

I have to remind myself of that almost daily; that you're only little, and I should stop trying to wish it away.

You rolled over a couple of weeks ago, but haven't repeated that feat

Your first genuine smile-when-you-saw-mum was amazing, and now you're full of giggles and smiles for everyone

You follow everyone as they move around you, and have started turning your head towards the tv

You're starting to grasp things, although you still have no interest in toys

Still not the best day sleeper (unless you're in the sling), but awesome at night, snuggled up in bed with mum

You got sick after having your immunisations, and we had a mad rush to the hospital last weekend when you broke out in a measles-looking rash, but you got better quickly (and the rash was just viral)

You're growing and learning every day (as am I)

And you are so very loved


  1. 3 months! Say it can't be so?! It feels like only last week you brought her home. Well at least it feels like that for me :P

  2. Time goes so quickly. I want Hayley to grow up and learn new things but at the same time I want her to be a baby forever.

  3. ...and getting cuter every day!,
    Alison xx

  4. What a poppet! Am just catching up, having been away, and lovely to see how much she is growing and to read what she can do. You must all be very proud!

  5. Isn't it funny how we wish and can't wait until they do all the cool stuff, like crawl and walk. But then when they get older we wonder what ever happened to our little babies. Time flies, but we wish our lives away all the time :) Adorabubble in her tutu :)


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