Tuesday 5 November 2013

us, right now

he hates being away from home all work

but loves that he can ride his bike to work each week

he misses the kids

but is so tired when he gets home that all he does is sleep

he eats badly while he's away

but can't finish a meal when he's home

she is always busy

but never gets anything done

desperately needs a hair colour

but doesn't have the time

sleeps well at night

but is probably low on iron again

will be twelve in a couple of weeks

but sometimes behaves worse than Riley

is finally learning to help when asked

but still whines when tired

is a good big brother to Sophie

but a bossy big brother to Nat and Riley

is generally cheeky and full of beans

but naughty when tired

is learning to swim at school

but forgets to do homework

loves Katy Perry

but dislikes One Direction

is a big mumma's boy

but loves on Sophie too much

loves the sandpit at daycare

but still hates going until he's there

misses dad

but loves the occasional night in dad's bed

recognises mum's camera {phone}

sleeps better during the day with no kids at home

recognises dad's voice when mum talks to him on the phone

has the cutest giggle

loves fresh air and sunshine

has two visible teeth bumps


  1. What a lovely update! I feel as if I have been personally introduced to the whole family :).

  2. Sophie has teeth bumps already? Man, tell that girl to stop growing, she was only born yesterday!

  3. Love the way you described where everyone is at!

  4. I love this post, Cate. Gosh Sophie looks like you! :o)


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