Friday 7 March 2014

happy birthday Natalie

Dear Natalie

Today you are seven

You are in grade two at school, and love your teacher and friends

you love reading books

and playing with your barbie dolls

just as much as you love jumping on the trampoline

and kicking a ball with the boys

you turn the radio up every time you hear P!nk or Katy Perry

and watch cake decorating videos on YouTube

you like watching My Kitchen Rules with mum

and boxing and robot movies with dad and Riley

you have a sweet tooth like mum

but discovered you like cabbage last weekend, and ate two serves!

you love the swings at the park

and picking Sophie up.all.the.time.

and you miss Chloe

You are growing up so quickly

and you are so very loved

Happy Birthday


  1. Happy Birthday, Natalie! And I am sure your Mum's lovely list wil bring you lots of pleasure in the years to come every time you re-read it :).

  2. Aw! I'm such a big fan of your birthday letters to your kids, Cate! And this photo of her is so cute. Happy birthday, sweet Natalie! xo

  3. tell my little sister that i love her very much and that i wish her all the birthday hugs //and kisses// in the world. xx

  4. A very belated Happy Birthday to your lovely Natalie...and I am so thrilled to see that last comment!
    Alison xx


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