Friday 8 August 2014

5 tips for beating the hump day blues

I mentioned on my facebook page yesterday that I've had the blahs a bit this week - sick kids and a sleeping husband and general stress has caught up with me.

And then I came up with a list to beat the blahs, and did everything on the list.
  1. wear something different. I wear jeans and tshirt every day. Even wearing yoga pants leaves me feeling as if I'm wearing pyjamas some days. So yesterday I put on a maxi skirt that I randomly bought before we went away, and felt a little bit dressed up all day.
  2. set a timer for 5 minutes, and clean the living room. I put toys away, picked up little scraps of rubbish, and Sophie trailed behind me, throwing toys out again, but the room was neater.
  3. get out of the house. Achange of scenery can make such a difference, even if it is just the supermarket.
  4. do something you love. I love to bake, so whipped up a batch of muffins for afternoon tea, and everyone was happy.
  5. talk to a friend. In this instance, I woke Steve up a bit early and caught up with all the work gossip.
How do you beat the hump day blahs?


  1. I like your tip about wearing something different. I also find doing a quick three minute blitz on outstanding tasks in rotation a great get-moving tool :).

  2. I find just dressing in something nice and putting on jewellery and lip gloss helps me.


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