Monday 25 August 2014

what do you like to read here

I mentioned yesterday that I'm taking a blogging class from September 1st.

I don't expect to learn much about the technical aspects of blogging. And I probably won't learn much about the mechanics of writing.

But I am expecting a huge dose of inspiration, and motivation.

I want to become "serious" about blogging. But I don't want to lose the important part of blogging for me.

The memory keeping. The stories of our days, weeks, years.

And I'm struggling a bit with finding that balance.

That's the bit that I'm hoping I'll find with this class.

But it's got me wondering

What do you like to read? The baby&kid stories? The finding-Cate stories? Tutorials? Recipes? Craft? Something else?

{I asked my facebook page, and someone said "better time management ideas." Clearly, she isn't a long-time reader!}


  1. I enjoy craft ideas & inspiration, recipes & keeping up with what's happening in your family. I've also really enjoyed your Christmas series in the past & your posts about blogging.

  2. I like the rich variety of your posts. It's good to catch up on how each member of the family is doing as months go by. Also the crafty projects you have on the go, and just general observations on life. Looking forward to seeing how you put the new course into practice!

  3. I enjoy recipes, crafts and I always love the letters you write to your children.

  4. I love all the family orientated posts and how you are so honest about yourself and where you are in life!
    Alison xx

  5. I have to agree with Beverly about your letters to your children. But you blogging posts have certainly helped me from time to time. If it wasn't for you many moons ago explaining how simple backing up your blog was I may still be walking in circles.


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