Thursday 11 September 2014

dear riley, today you are five

"mum, what are you doing?"
dear Riley

today, you are five.

you have found your voice in the last year, and talk non-stop

you love blowing bubbles, and the trampoline

you were excited to see Chloe at the wedding

and you can't wait to share a room with Douglas

you are closest to Natalie, she often cops your temper (and gives it back)

you love bananas and crumbed chicken and mcdonalds

you miss dad when he's working, and mum still pats you to sleep

and you think Sophie is the cutest

you love minecraft and scooby doo and garfield

you are growing up

happy birthday, Mr Bear


  1. Wow, he's getting big and so handsome with those bright eyes! Happy Birthday Riley!

  2. I LOVE when you do these letters to your kids, Cate! Where have the past five years gone?!?! I started reading your blog when Riley was just a few months old. :o)


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