Monday 10 November 2014

hello monday

Sophie is obsessed with any noisy kitchen gadgets I use, and wants to be touching and looking at them - when I get the food processor out, she walks to Steve in the lounge and brings him back to hold her up.

I've missed my practise of saying hello to Mondays and the week ahead.

hello Ikea! It's finally time to get a desk for my sewing machine, so my craft room can keep getting made usable.

hello 45 days to Christmas. I feel a bit better about the day being so close now, because I've started to write things down, and take inspiration from the magazines I've been reading.

hello saying no. I made a spur-of-the-moment decision last week that I was going to say no to an opportunity, and it felt good!

hello Christmas baking. Baking is my kryptonite, I love doing it, but it isn't helping that baby belly!

What are you saying hello to this Monday morning?

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