Saturday 8 November 2014

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I've spent a lot of time this past week nursing Sophie (she's cut another tooth), so Saturday morning is the perfect time to share those links that have had me thinking and pondering.

Positive Life: Slow hunches and getting great ideas  |  Positive Psychology  |  Ellen was a fellow Clever Cookie student who knows her way around thoughtful and thought-provoking words

What your daily practice can teach you about yourself  |  Tara Leaver on Scoutie Girl  |  now I'm finally moving out of the baby-needs-me-every-second fog, I'm starting to explore the idea of daily practice again

33 thoughts on reading  |  Austin Kleon  |  books have always been part of my world, but I have never learnt the lesson of not lending them to people!

10 ideas - reconnect with your kids after school  |  Maxabella Loves  |  this struck a chord with me because the kids walk in, get changed, say hi, eat, then I start cooking (we eat early so Steve eats before work), we don't spend much time together in those after-school-hours.

The no-particular-destination project, and why it's awesome  |  CraftyPod  |  I really struggle to create without a purpose, so this has me thinking and wondering if I could really do it

Printable conversation cards  |  Childhood 101  |  Picklebums linked to these again on facebook last week, this time I actually downloaded the. A good place to start that reconnection.

Day 21 favourite posts  |  me  |  I love diving into my archives, and this would have to be the most thorough look recently. I must be due to compile a post about the last year's posts soon.

What have you been reading and loving lately?

~~ this is my 1300th post ~~

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