Wednesday 12 August 2015

Us in August

What a crazy start to August! My mum was here for a few days, the day she left Steve got sent to Sydney to bring a truck back, and I ended up sick for a few days. We didn't get to catch our breath until last Sunday, with a walk along the beach. Fortunately, it was too cold for Sophie to play in the water, but the kids all collected shells and did a bit of digging in the sand. And I insisted that our photos were the very first thing we did.
He has been offered an office job (for the same company) to start next month

But they still haven't got back to him with the pay scale

He's looking forward to some time with the kids while I'm away

But not the restless nights with Sophie
She is beside herself with excitement (and nerves) for tomorrow's big adventure

and is quite over the mama guilt that has plagued her

She will come home next week bursting with ideas (they're already starting to form)

and is hoping to be quite BRAVE about implementing them.
He is choosing woodwork and food/textile studies for next year

{actually, we compromised, he wants to do woodwork, I want him to do food studies, we both win}

He seems to have calmed down in recent weeks after speaking to the school counsellor

he's much nicer to be around at home
She and I went shopping for new dresses last weekend

she is so excited to wear one this weekend to her best friend's Communion

She isn't terribly good about keeping her bedroom clean

which is quite annoying now she shares with Riley
He has been out of mum & dad's room for almost a month

{except for a couple of  nightmares where he ended up in dad's bed}

He loves mum coming to school to help with reading

and enjoys learning to read.
She has to take dolly everywhere with her

{dolly's hat and clothes have to be replaced 731 times a day!}

She yells to everyone "I uv oo"

and loves waking dad up ready for work


  1. So fun, Cate. I LOVE the shadow photo of all of you together at the beginning of this post. I hope your health improves and you are able to have a great time on your upcoming adventure! Can't wait to read all about it upon your return! xo

  2. I know what it is like changing doll clothes every five minutes! Have a great trip

  3. Looks like the doll even made it into the shadow photo! Have a fantastic time away, can't wait to hear all about it when you are back x


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