Wednesday 5 August 2015

What's on my desk

I bought new pencils last week, a set just for me that the kids don't even know about! 

I made some DIY Midori Travellers Notebooks to take away to ProBlogger. I don't like notebooks that end up with wasted pages, so thought a DIY version was a good way to get just the right number of pages. I used the list and grid printables from this post, and for a bit of fun, I purchased colouring pages from etsy.

I purchased a passport wallet before our big road trip last year, but never did anything with it, so it's been shuffled from desk to shelf to another desk and around again, but I realised recently that it's quite similar in size to a lot of the planner pouches that are popular, so it would be perfect for something like that for me. I've slipped some 3x4 cards into it, and some shipping tags wrapped with washi tape, and pondering what else would be handy for travel-creating.

I've got offcuts piling up from scrapbook paper. I never really know what to do with them when I'm not actually creating (or maybe that should be a signal to create?) They're a nice size for using on the page, but unless I leave them sitting on my desk I'll never remember I've got them when it actually comes time to scrap.

{And hiding just to the right of the above image is a huge pile of bits and bobs that are waiting to be put away - sticker sheets, random sheets of paper, a packet of dressmakers pins, my embroidery pencil case that my new pencils didn't fit inside.}

What do you do with scrap pieces of paper? Have you got colouring pencils?


  1. You're excited about ProBlogger aren't you? It's sweet you're taking some on the go crafts with you. I'm considering taking some colouring. In fact I thought I might even put a call out to see if anyone wants to lunch break colouring circle to join. So to answer your questions yes I have colouring pencils my own ones and pens, they are a no go for the kids. I have Lyra Giants in pencils I adore them. As for pens I have copic ciao markers and I'm obsessed with them.......then there is gel pens. Yeah......I think some of them will be coming with me for doodling.

  2. I have several sets of coloring pencils - some on my craft table, some with the coloring books in the living room, and now a set with my Bible Journaling stash. :) I store my scraps in bin right by the chair where I scrapbook & it works perfect for me. (I blogged about it several years ago here:

  3. I cannot tell you how sorry I am I am not going to PB this year. And I love what you are creating for it! It looks like a lot of fun. xx


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