Monday 26 October 2015

Hello Monday

hello, painkillers. A quick five minutes of digging out some weeds on Friday morning as led to the Dr Google diagnosis of sciatica, and a bad patient bed-bound all weekend. Although, maybe I need the painkillers too, to numb hearing the whining and frustration.

hello, baking. Having a sick household, and being sick myself, has put me so far behind in my cookies project that I'm not actually going to get many more done before the end of the month. And I've thought about giving up at this point and moving on with other projects, but I've still got an ebook to get out next month, so that's the focus for now.

hello, Christmas magazines. It's 60 sleeps to Christmas. Magazines have started sneaking into the weekly shopping, and then spreading themselves all over my desk. But I doubt this year will be any different to others, and I won't actually be making anything from the magazines. But a girl can dream.

hello, Filofax. I've been using a bullet journal for a couple of years now. But planners are so trendy right now, I finally succumbed to FOMO and bought a second-hand Filofax. I'm still playing with ideas for setting it up and making it mine, but exploring the planner world is fun in an I could never afford 10 planners kind of way.

hello, scrapbooking. I'm off to a crop on Saturday night. After a morning out at a blogging event. I'm excited to be getting out of the house and crafting, because I haven't actually crafted since the last time I went to a crop. I'm tossing up between finishing last year's December album, or just making layouts (which probably means I won't get anything done, focus girl!)

hello, Monday, a new start every week.

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  1. Is it bad I don't even know what a scrapbook crop is?

  2. Whenever I weed the garden, I hurt myself. Time I stopped gardening

  3. I'm with Toni, what's a crop??

  4. I moved away form Filofax this year when I stumbled on the perfect portfolio style diary. Unfortunately now that the year is quickly winding up, I haven't been able to find a suitable replacement, so it will be back to the drawing board.

  5. Lol the Christmas magazines...I am totally the same!!

  6. I feel for you on the sciatica issue. Most of the time the physician treatment is no sitting (puts the greatest strain on the nerve and muscle that's in spasm. If you can stand it, walking is good. Prescriptions usually mean pain killers and muscle relaxers and certain exercises to stop the muscle that's squeezing the nerve. Lying on your back on the floor can help (but not if the little ones are bouncing on your belly or if a pet has decided to either lick you or climb on you to sleep.)

  7. I'm going to have to follow you vicariously Cate - I don't do craft or baking. And I'm probably not even going to do cards this year either. Please bake and create for me!!!!

  8. Aaargh. 60 sleeps! I fear Christmas is going to run over me like a truck. I did get out a magazine or two from Christmas last year, just to recap ;) So much pretty stuff to make, sigh. Hope the household recovers, so you can get on with you. Enjoy the crop :) Also thanks for the reminder to find an organiser for next year!

  9. I hope you guys feel better soon! nothing worse than the whole household feeling sick. I am so excited that Christmas is coming up fast, but its at this point that I start to panic and hope that I can pull it all together in time! Feels like so much to still do. Thankfully 59 sleeps is a little while left yet.. I love Christmas mags too, must pick up the Better Homes and Gardens tomorrow for some light reading and dreaming.


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