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Monday, 25 January 2016

Hello Monday

hello illness again. A chest infection this time. I'll be off to the doctor after dropping the kids to school on Wednesday.

hello Australia Day As we've got older, Australia Day doesn't hold the same awe and wonder it did as a child. But we can still make it a fun day for the kids with a visit to family and a swim in the pool before an early night.

hello back to school My kids are bored. It's not that the summer holidays are too long, it's just that money is tight after Christmas and all the back to school stuff, so we're stuck at home every day. And after six weeks of that, they're bored. So we're all welcoming school starting on Wednesday.

hello cupboard sorting I bought some new servingware for Christmas, but it doesn't have a home, so we've been shuffling it from the table to the freezer and back again for four weeks now. It's time to find a home for it, so it's still in one piece come next Christmas.

hello reader survey I've been meaning to do a reader survey for awhile now. I finally wrote it last week, then got sick again, and haven't been near my computer since. It's just 13 quick questions that shouldn't take you more than five minutes, and is completely anonymous (unless you answer an identifying question, which is completely optional) Please take a minute to read it here

hello Monday, a new start every week

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  1. Another week of packing and decluttering for me, with the girls heading back to school next week and our move hopefully scheduled for the day after they go back. Never a dull moment.

    So sorry to hear you are unwell. Hopefully you will be on the mend soon.

  2. BIG hello to back to school. I'm so ready for them to go back! Sorry to hear you're unwell. Hope you feel better soon. xo

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon. I did some cupboard sorting in the kitchen yesterday, moved around a heap of stuff. Hopefully it will stay this organised for at least a couple of weeks!

  4. I am happy school is back this week. My kids are bored and I am sick of a messy house

  5. No good hearing you are sick. I think being unwell in Summer is the pits. I do hope back to school brings some relief on the home front and that you are well really soon. Denyse

  6. I think you've reached your unwell quota for the year already Cate. Fingers crossed you will be on the mend soon and can enjoy the peace of a less busy and bored household!

  7. There seems to have been a late summer bout of bugs. I had the flu last week and a few other people at work (and/or their kids) all seemed to be a bit viralley too. Bugger of a thing. Mine has finally passed, though I'm also wary of a cough right now. Fingers crossed yours passes soon.

  8. Sorry to hear you are sick again. I hope it doesn't last too long. I'm looking so forward to school starting again too. I just want to get back into a proper routine.

  9. One of the worst things about having children home is that you catch all their germs! Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Oh chest infections are the bloody worst! I hope the doc can help you kick it asap!

  11. I am so thinking school holidays are that one week too long. I've had it. Back to school Monday and the youngest starting kindy on Tuesday. It can't come quick enough! LOL a cupboard sort will go down on my to do list. I'll be looking for things to do with may days now, and my cupboards are shocking. Get well soon x

  12. I know what you mean about Australia Day... People asked me over the weekend what my plans were and at first I responded with "for what...?" It feels slightly unpatriotic but that's just how it is.
    I helped my sister take my 3 nephews and 1 niece to school today and I think she was a little more excited than they were to be going back to school!


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