Thursday 28 January 2016

No more kids

When Steve and I first got together, we joked about the number of kids we'd have - we'd both always had four in mind, but because we were coming to this relationship with one each, did four mean four altogether, four of mine, four of his, or four of ours? As it turns out, five is exactly the right number for this house (and my sanity), and while at times I regret the age gaps between all of the kids (because chances are the little ones may never have a good relationship with Chloe) for the most part we're happy with our brood.

I remember after Riley was born feeling as if he wasn't the last born in our house. But we made the decision as we all came out of the baby fog that we weren't going to have more children, so Sophie was a huge surprise. Now Sophie fills that space, and with her stubborn independent streak there's space for family things, not baby things, in our days again.

So, how do you know when enough is enough?

you can't remember names or birthdays 

we regularly scroll through everyone's names before we hit the right one. And don't ask me Riley's birthday and expect a quick answer, because I have to silently recite Chloe's, Douglas', and Nat's before I get to Riley's.

you could open your own toy store 

The downside of being the last of five for Sophie has been never been given presents, because we've got everything. And some things we have two or three of! We're actually starting to put things away from grandkids.

you have no spare room for more beds 

you know your house is bursting at the seams when the toddler bed is still tucked into the corner of your bedroom, and you'll have to give up your craft room, or build a new room downstairs for the teenager, when the toddler wants to finally have her own space.

it costs more than your mortgage payments to go on holiday 

Holidays are expensive, no matter how many kids you've got, but when you have to rent a house for a week's stay anywhere ($1000), pay airfares or fuel & car costs ($2000) and then feed everyone ($500, because you eat out more), then going away becomes a nightmare, and you develop a love of camping.

you need to buy a new car to fit everyone in 

I already drive a big car, but if we added more children to the house, we'd burst out of the car and need a small bus to go anywhere.

So, while I love each and every one of them dearly, I don't want any more kids!


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  1. Interestingly we wanted 4 kids too but 3 is quite enough for us. For most of the reasons you've mentioned here but also because I couldn't handle any more!!!


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