Friday 15 January 2016

Us Right Now

The start of January was awful for us this year, with me being sick for over a week, and the Steve becoming unwell while we were away camping! But I couldn't let the month pass without capturing our monthly photos, although I completely forgot about taking a family photo.
He is frustrated with the wastage at work

and people who don't pull their weight

But he is excited for some new projects around the house

if only the money tree was stronger
She is excited for new ideas to evolve

and looks forward to SHINEing in 2016

She is sad that Chloe is moving so far away

but excited for the next steps in the parenting-from-a-distance journey
He is glad his best friend is home from holidays

and is really hoping they can spend more time together before school starts

He is looking forward to manual arts and cooking this year

but hates that he has to wear leather shoes 4 days a week
She never remembers to brush her hair

even the threat of it being shaved off hasn't helped

She is excited for grade 4 this year

even though her best friend won't be in her class
He is already counting down to grade 1 starting

and is lucky to be in a class with his best friend

He still hates doing chores

but bribery goes a long way to motivate him
She is settling well into daycare

although she does cry when mum first says goodbye

She loves painting and cutting and following the kids aorund

but finds tv boring

Capturing regular photos and snippets of life is a simple way to look back on growth and changes over a period of time. As a memory keeper, I've always thought of blogging as part of my memory keeping process. 

When was the last time you photographed each member of your family, and wrote a few things about their right now?


  1. Happy New Year Cate, may this year bring you lots of joy and happiness. What a beautiful family you have x

  2. There is nothing worse than being sick with your camping! Hope you all had a good trip anyway

  3. Bummer about starting the year sick, but glad y'all enjoyed a camping trip. Great look at your family this month. I need to do another post about the two of us soon.


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