Thursday 4 February 2016

He means the world to me

I have a complicated relationship with Douglas. Always have had.

He isn't mine by birth, but he is mine by life.

And as much as he thinks I hate him, yesterday it became just a little bit realer than it ever has been just how much he means to me.

There's been some idiots prank calling schools across Australia in the last couple of days with threats of bombs hidden on the premises.

And yesterday, Douglas' school was threatened.

The first I heard about it was when a local community page I run was contacted by someone sharing a news report that a "local school had been evacuated"

I contacted a friend of mine at Nat and Riley's school, and discovered it wasn't their school. And then I got another message on my community page that the news report had identified the wrong school!

At that point, my heart was in my throat. Douglas had no credit on his phone, Steve had taken my car out for the morning, and Sophie had just fallen asleep.

And there was no word from the school!

So I waited and watched social media closely, and shared my angst with my family.

About lunchtime I got a brief text message from the school - bomb threat, police have cleared school, students returning to class.

And that was it!

Douglas didn't even mention it until after dinner last night. His only comment? "We had to evacuate today, when is it going to happen to [Nat and Riley's] school?"

Hopefully it won't!

But it served as a reminder for me, that as complicated as our relationship is; as angry as he makes me, and I make him; if we lost him, our family would be missing a vital ingredient.

[sshh, don't tell him...]

What event reminded you of your vital ingredient?



  1. Pst...tell him! ;o)

    So sorry you had to go through such a scary thing! xo

  2. Please do tell him x

    I hope the bomb threats stop and aren't anything serious. It must be scaring a lot of parents and kids.

  3. It's true that you never know how much something or someone means to you until it's gone or threatened in some way. I hope he does know how much he means to you x


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