Tuesday 11 July 2017

Low Cost Self Care Ideas

I spotted a list over at Fat Mum Slim a while ago, with ideas for a self-date [or me-time] Now I'm all about taking time and doing things for myself at the moment, but my heart sank as I read the list - over half of the ideas involved spending money! Our budget is tight right now, and while I'd love nothing more than to head off to the movies, I just can't afford it. So I challenged myself to come up with at least ten activities that didn't involve spending any more money than usual.*

Visit a store and dream big Who doesn't get inspired by tackling a big project? Taking yourself off to the hardware store, or furniture shop, or even Kmart with a challenge in mind like pulling up the carpets can open you up to new ideas and challenges.

Watch a different genre on TV Binge-watching is the new black. But we often fall into the habits of watching the same style of shows again and again [I love my English murder mysteries!] But taking a chance to watch say an action movie could open you up to a whole new experience.

Shop your wardrobe We all have clothes that we wear over and over again, firm favourites in the wardrobe. But sometimes there's a piece tucked away in the back that we just weren't sure about, so we hid it. Dig it out, and find a new favourite outfit to wear!

Bake something new I love baking muffins. They're quick, simple, and yum. But just recently I've started baking cakes. They take a little bit more time to produce, but the yum factor is still there [and it feels as if they last just a little bit longer!]

Make something I am a scrapbooker who doesn't scrap, a sewer who loves her sewing machine but rarely uses it. But when I do take the time to create something I can feel myself relaxing, calming down, inspiring myself.

Read an old book in the sun Avid readers are bound to have shelves upon shelves of books. Books that have been read once, then tucked away, or discarded if they didn't fulfil their potential. Taking the time to go back and read something older gives space to books that may have been passed over for something shinier, or allow an old favourite to resurface in our minds. And sunshine is best for blowing off the dust.

Learn something new I am a perennial learner. Google was made for my random brain wanderings, but it isn't often that I take the time to learn everything I can about a subject. Pick something you've struggled with, and check out YouTube for free videos, or a platform like SkillShare.

DIY pedicure or facial Taking the time to soak your feet and do your nails really is a luxury in our fast paced world, but it can be so much fun! [And if it's really impossible to get rid of the family, teach the kids to paint your nails!]

Walk a different route Sometimes I walk the dogs in the same direction every time. It's easy for them, they just go, we know where all the barking dogs are, we know how long it takes. But it gets monotonous, for me and for them. Just in the small block that we walk, there's over ten different combinations we could take to mix it up for all of us. And it's always an exciting night for the dogs, because they never quite know which way I'm going to lead them next.

Be a tourist in your town Is there a popular spot you haven't been to for a long time? Or some place you've never been before? Set a date, and go check it out.

How do you take time for yourself, without spending too much money?

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  1. Great tips! I love being a tourist in my own town - there's so many places I haven't been to! I'm also a big fan of a DIY mani and a spot of baking, but not at the same time :)

  2. Such a great list. I do many of them and love revisiting my bookshelves, varying our walk route and switching up what I watch. So many things just require us to shake up our normal or a rut we have got into. My favourite way to take time without spending money falls in with your make something idea- I use what I have... Do the class I bought online, use the paints I have been hoarding etc.

  3. I love being a tourist in my own town, such an indulgent practice. (isn't that silly!) We are all so busy each day, it is easy to forget to search out something new locally. Great list.

  4. I don't always drive the same route to places. I vary it up, even if it's by one road.

  5. Reading an old favourite in the sun-bliss!

  6. I've started shopping my wardrobe again now that my maternity clothes are too big.

  7. I think your last one is my favourite thing to do. It's amazing how you can live in the same place for a long time and yet there are still so many things to discover. Great ideas, Cate!


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