Monday 29 January 2018

Nit Prevention Spray (and bonus hair detangler)

Inside - the recipe I've been using for 15 years to help prevent nits taking over our heads

The note was in Sophie's folder on Wednesday evening.

I knew it was coming. I know the mum who found nits in her daughter's hair.

I knew it was coming, but my heart still sank.

It was day 3 of school, and I hadn't been diligently spraying everyone's hair.

My head started itching.

(My head is itching now as I write this.)

A quick check of heads shows that we don't have nits.

But it's time to get the spray bottle going again, and prevent the blighters any way I can.

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I've been using this recipe to help prevent nits since my hairdresser (the above mentioned school mum) first gave it to me fifteen years ago.

Even when we've had what felt like a never ending dose of nits (if you're a long time reader around here, you'll know Sophie got nits for the first time at 8 weeks old), we've kept the spray going daily.

Fill a spray bottle with water, and add 20 drops of lavender and tea tree* oils, and a squirt of cheap white conditioner**. Shake and spray. I top up the oils every second water refill.

In the last year I've moved to doTERRA oils, and have switched the conditioner to fractionated coconut oil (I tried virgin coconut oil, but it sets in the water, and clogs the spray bottle.) Try about 2 teaspoons of FCO.

Start using this now, and hopefully you'll have a note-free year!

* We've started adding rosemary oil to our blend, to help with the itch from dandruff
** conditioner can build up on flooring. Always spray over a towel, or dry floor after.


  1. How good is this that you have found something that works...and it does appear that you need to be consistent. I have even paid for my teen granddaughter to have a specialist treatment but she does not always follow through (and now lives out of home) so I "give up".. ...

    Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 5/52. Next week's optional prompt is "Starting School Memories".

  2. You have given me a stark reminder to spray the kids hair with tea tree oil! I haven't done it as yet this year(it's only the first week). Always worked for me. My kids have never had nits , fingers crossed!

  3. Love this spray, I could use some calming over this way! However, I'm out of here though, my head has already started to itch. Haha.


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