Wednesday 7 November 2007

Today is...

a bits'n'pieces day. It's usually mums group on Wednesdays, and we all take turns hosting - however, whenever a host can't do it (like this week our host is sick), I put my hand up, cause we have an enormous rumpus room, with heaps of space for kids to muck about in... but it's those days that it usually turns in to no one coming at all!! Gets me down most times... we had a string of three weeks where I was the host, and no one turned up for three weeks!! Now when it's my turn, I don't even make the kids do a massive clean, just a general tidy to get rid of the clutter (I think I gave them the clutter bug!)

So today Nat and I are going to stay at home and do "stuff". I finally made it to the LSS yesterday (where I was heading on Saturday), and ended up spending $70. OMG! Got some gorgeous christmas papers, a pile of cardstock, christmas rubons and stickers - now all I have to do is actually start making those cards... I had a look at their samples of cards, but almost every single one was stamped, and I've decided to not worry about stamping at the moment (I have some foam stamps, but I can use them with paint, which I'm starting to accumulate plenty of!)

I see there are still lots of people viewing my blog, but no one ever comments, even to say, "hey I've been here"... I know I don't comment on every blog I visit, but I do try to say something at most blogs, especially the ones I can relate to!

Anyway - I'm off to potter around the house and play with my new christmas scr@p stuff!! Have a great day!

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  1. I thought that I should leave you a comment seeing I don't think I have as yet and I'm often checking out your blog. I hope that you are not letting your playgroup no-showers get you down...easier said than done though I suppose hey. xo


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