Wednesday 5 December 2007

some scrap and stuff....

My SIL's birthday was Monday - made this card about five minutes before we walked out the door... Still haven't made one for my MIL - and her birthday was two weeks ago... just can't get motivated.

This is my LO for challenge one over at LSBS's cybercrop. There is a "traditions" challenge, and I couldn't get it out of my mind, so used it here. Now I need some other photos for the "traditions" challenge, and hope that I can get it finished tonight!!

Nat is teething. She has a tooth sitting just on the gum, not quite cut through yet, and it doesn't make for a very happy girl!! We've missed mums group today, just in case I'm wrong and she is unwell... she's had a bit of a sniffle, and I would hate to pass it on to poor little Connor - he's going to be a big brother in five days!!!

Amy is well and good now. She's having her stitches out tomorrow, then they'll x-ray in six weeks (won't that be fun, three kids in tow!!). She's quite happy being in the room away from the big kids (Douglas doesn't even know where she is ~lol~), but she desperately wants to get out of the house, trying to escape every chance she gets!!

Do you buy presents for your kids teachers? I've been umming and ahhing about it this year - I don't usually do it, but cause the kids are leaving, I'm thinking about it... but I'm thinking about giving them a plant - the one time I've ever done it was in pre-school, and gave the teacher a plant as something different - and she loved it! And plants are something that Douglas is always wanting to buy, so he would have fun with that!!

Thinking, thinking, thinking....

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  1. Hey Cate, Don't go on SM much anymore but I still keep check on your blog. Love the Card and LO -I was checking out that particular Queen and Co felt this morning and was wondering how it would look and you've answered that for me.
    If I don't comment again before Christmas... best wishes to you and yours.


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