Tuesday 29 January 2008

back to school today....

The kids are at a new school this year, so we needed to get everything new for both of them, right down to socks and shoes for Douglas - he's the real sock black hole, I think - I only bought six pairs for him, cause you can guarantee that he loses them all by Easter!

Chloe is most unimpressed that their school has phased out dresses - now she has to wear skorts (which aren't very attractive, anyway!), and she refuses to wear black shoes with them!!

I like how this one turned out, they were playing around, and I actually got them to smile!

Nat's a smarty bum - she loves this walker, and pulls herself up on it all the time - the other day, she realised it moves when she walks, but she can only go in one direction!

This is my computer desk - I didn't realise she was standing up under it, and bonked her in the head with the keyboard drawer, and then had to take some photos of her playing around ~lol~

So, that's our back to school day - I'm so glad that Nat and I can start getting in to some routines now!

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