Thursday 3 January 2008

today we went....

To Underwater World!!

After loading up the bus half an hour later than we planned to leave, and heading off with a bub who is unhappy about her seat being turned around, and two big kids that never seem to play nicely, we were around the corner when mum realised she didn't have her camera... so turn around and come home we did!

We made it to underwater world (the kids had no idea until we pulled into the car park), got ourselves organised - pram with rain cover, nappy bag, drinks, snacks, camera, money, baby, kids, parents, nanny - ant headed off to the entrance - where the line was coming out the door! We thought cause it's still a crap weather day up here that no one would be venturing out - and we were partly right, they were heading out to head indoors again ~lol~

This is the ray just inside the entrance... I love rays - mantas, sting rays - they are just such graceful creatures, gliding through the water on big wings.

This is "a fish called Honda"... a car that was sealed up and converted into a fish tank! It looks awesome in real life, a dark blue colour... but with kids so excited to be there, it's very hard for parents to actually enjoy anything!

Seadragons - they're so tiny, but I don't know what the difference is between horses and dragons.

Long necked turtle... one of Douglas' favourites - but he's a bit of a fish boy, any fish will do!!

Another ray... this one was swimming over us in the ocean tunnel - and a shark followed us around a bit, too! It's an amazing bit of work, that tunnel!!

So, that was our day, how was yours?


  1. OMG i went to underwater world too!! On the..... 1st!! =]
    i LOVED that car! i tryed opennig the door :p i was scared that it would but i know it wouldnt lol.
    Thats so cool! hehe
    If i left my camera at home htough io wouldnt have been abble to drive 14 hours back home!! :p
    Glad you havd a cool time!
    (did you watch the seal and otter show??)

  2. I didn't see either of the shows - although mum stayed with Chloe and Douglas for the otter show - Nat was desperate for a feed, so we went downstairs to the lower seal cove and I took some great photos, then fed her in the "quiet" ~lol~


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