Thursday 7 February 2008

2peas Thursday blogger.....

When you attend a class or crop do you feel you do more talking than getting projects done?

In a word - YES!!

I haven't attended classes or crops since Nat was born, but based on past experience, yes, I talk far too much.

Tomorrow I am hosting a mums crop here, for mums and bubs... which should be interesting. Of the seven ladies coming, two are CM consultants, and one has never scrapped before!! Should be interesting! I've made up some page kits, so I can attempt to get something done, and I'll print out stuff to make a V Day album for hubby (check out Ali E's weekend creative from a couple of weeks ago, that's what I'm gonna have a go at - my version of it, anyway!) But who know's if I'll actually get anything finished ~lol~




  1. I can crop and talk, its a gift!!! They are equal!!

  2. I mostly talk too. Have fun tomorrow at your crop!

  3. Good luck at your mum's crop. Sounds like fun! I have found that when I preplan I get more done. If I just bring a mass of stuff I get distracted and chat far too much! But the chatting is important too!


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