Wednesday 20 February 2008

are you honest...

when you comment on other people's scrap? Do you tell them it is good, even if deep down inside you don't think it is? Or do you provide some constructive criticism?

This has been playing on my mind for a while now - I know most scrappers can be their own worst critics, and interpret their work harshly, telling the world it sucks... but if someone genuinely asked "is this good?" would you say "yes" just to make them happy?

I think I want honesty, but I also know how much it hurts me to hear it... for example, in one of the forums I play around in, they have a challenge where the top ten LO's are voted through to the next round... out of 17 entries, mine is the only one that doesn't even have ONE vote! I'm over it now (or, at least, I think I am...), but it really cut me when I checked out how voting was going over the weekend...

And so, I don't want to be the one responsible for making someone else feel bad about their work (cause there really is no right or wrong, only how you want your page to look), but if it was a genuine question, I think I would have to be honest, maybe.

Does that sound like mad rambling? I guess I just wanted to throw my thoughts out to the wind, and see where they fall!

Have a great day - we're off to mums group this morning, if Nat ever wakes up!!



  1. I am honest, but also most scrapbookers out there are much better than I am, so is my honest opinion, even if I don´t like the style I like the effort it went into it.
    I´ve seen your work and is very pretty

  2. Even if the layout isn't my style, I usually find something about it that I honestly like. I don't know if I would want to hear a critique unless I asked for it though. Now if I ask for it then I can take it because I am prepared for it. Also if someone asked for a critique I will give it.

  3. I'm honest in my comments on peoples work. There is no reason not to be.

  4. I too am usually very honest and will find something in the project that does appeal to me . . . I will usually only critique it if someone asks and even then it will be more along the lines of suggestions of what they might like to try . . .

  5. I've tagged you for a game. You are not required to play. If you don't participate in games, or don't have the time, don't worry.


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